Top Shows on Netflix This Month

Netflix – being one of the streaming giants has a treasure of movies, shows, drama serials and other programs. They keep on changing their content library every month. It endows new movies and shows and takes away all those shows whose license has been expired. People addicted to Netflix must love their couch as Netflix is free of advertisements. You can serve your time from dawn to dusk sitting in front of your laptop watching Netflix without any intricacy.

Netflix lovers must want to know Netflix latest hit TV shows or drama serials. So, no need to search anywhere else. has prepared a Netflix hit list containing top 5 shows for March 2016.

House Of Cards-Season 4 (9/10)

House of cards is one of the five-star political drama series. It was produced by Beau Willimon and is based on the novel of Michael Dobbs. The exclusive premiere was launched on the 1st February 2013 on Netflix and soon made a significant place in the top ranked drama serials. It kept on increasing its fan following due to the excellent performance of the three main characters; Frank Underwood, his elegant wife Claire Underwood and the shining star Kate Mara.

The main story revolves around a congressman Kevin Spacey starred as Frank Underwood who acted as a cruel politician. He, along with his wife, plots avengement against the president Garette Walker. In this story, Frank is outrageous of taking revenge from the people who had deceived him. The drama consists of four seasons; comprising an overall 52 episodes. Presently, you can stream season 4 on Netflix. Netflix is looking forward to launch the fifth season in 2017 leaving the interest of thea audience at its peak.

Daredevil (8.8/10)

Daredevil is an American series not more than a year old. It is a top ranked crime cum action drama serial based on Marvel’s comics. Its first season with 13 episodes was aired at Netflix on 10th April 2015. The season is renewed by Netflix as season 2 and will be premiered on 18th March 2016.

The story is surrounding a blind man Matt Murdock who is a day-time lawyer and a daredevil at night. The man was blinded by some toxic material but as a result he enhanced some of his senses. He used to fight against crimes legally being a lawyer while vigilantly being costumed as a superhero “the Daredevil”. The thrilling drama serial has a spectacular fan following and the audience is desperately waiting for season 2 to be launched.

Flaked – A Brand New TV Show

Flaked is a brand new Netflix comedy serial comprising of one season yet. It consists of 8 episodes releasing simultaneously on 11th March 2016 at Netflix. The story is centralized over a self-help Chip named man who is trying to stay one step ahead of his lies. The story is created by Will Arnett who is starring himself as Chip in the series. The drama is looking forward to gain a good rating.

Pee Wee’s Big Holiday – New Arrival On Netflix

Pee Wee’s big holiday is an upcoming comedy movie releasing officially on 18th March 2016. It is directed by John Lee. The film is written by Paul Reubens and Paul Rust. The main character of the movie is Paul Reubens acting as Pee Wee Herman who is greatly influenced in a meeting with a stranger to take his first ever holiday. Fingers crossed for the new arrival. The movie is looking forward for house full on its release!

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