Best VPN for Netflix are highly optimized and assessed service used to unblock US Netflix and UK Netflix from overseas. Netflix USA viewership is blocked in other regions of the world except America, all Netflix USA subscribers’ around the world are restricted to access it. One of the most secured, cost effective and easiest methods to by-pass the geographical restriction of Netflix USA is Virtual Private Network for Netflix or simply a Netflix VPN. A best VPN for Netflix masks your original IP address and location with an IP address of US region, and redirects all your online requests via US based server. Hence, granting you permission to access all Netflix USA content from anywhere around the globe. brings you the list of best Netflix VPN providers, tested to deliver throttle-free and continuous streaming service of Netflix USA.

List of Best VPN for Netflix 2016

# Provider Price Link
1ExpressVPN $8.32/mo Visit Site
2PureVPN $2.08/mo Visit Site
3IPVanish $6.49/mo Visit Site

How to Watch US Netflix Outside US

Netflix USA is regarded as one of the largest online library for streaming television shows, movies, and documentaries in fact pretty much everything. Its video-on-demand streaming services are favored by 75 million members on the globe. Netflix is currently available in 190 countries and more than 100 million hours of media is daily streamed online on Netflix. They well-kept their promise of ‘Don’t miss single movie or show ever..!’ by inducting new movies, feature films and popular shows like Daredevil, House of Cards, Bloodline and Orange is the New Black.

Netflix USA deploys up geo-blocking mechanism to restrict their service in US region only. Users’ residing outside United States cannot access it directly due to geographical restriction. There are few options on the table to unblock the most robust content library available; Netflix VPN is considered as the simplest and safest of all. All you have to do is to select a VPN provider from our list of best VPN for Netflix USA and enjoy buffer-free, seamless streaming of world’s most popular on-demand media.

Netflix Availability in Other Regions

Netflix was launched in 1997, initially in United States. Now they have expanded their services domain in 130 countries more. Thus, presently it is accessible in 190 countries. But sadly, the licensing restriction hurdled in delivering the same content database which is primarily available on Netflix USA. You might be able to avail the services of Netflix in UK, Australia, Canada and few regions of Europe but can’t access the entire Netflix USA – their catalogue is different and far more shrink in other regions. For instance, US citizens have access to more than 8600 featured films, while residents of UK and other regions have accessibility to 3000 and 2000 movies respectively. The size of media library keeps on reducing for Australia, New Zealand and other Non-European countries.

Netflix Availability in Diffrent Regions


Access US Netflix from Anywhere around the Globe

Again, best Netflix VPN is the savior – it bypasses all regional restriction barriers to deliver you the desired content on Netflix USA, via connecting you through US based streaming servers deployed by best Netflix VPN providers. It simply mask your original IP address and location which is not allowed to access Netflix USA regional material, by allocating subscriber an IP address from US region – hence enabling you to watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world. Apart from it, there is something special about best VPN for Netflix; normally connecting to a VPN server reduces your internet speed due to multiple routing, but our listed best Netflix VPN providers deploy high-end servers in US region to ensure minimal reduction in internet speed while you stream your favorite TV-shows and movies.

Fastest Netflix US VPN..!

Throttling and buffering has the ability to take all the joy out of equation. It is extremely crucial to select a VPN service which offers dedicated or at least optimized high-end servers for content streaming. There are numerous available VPN providers offering attractive pricing plans but fails in throttle-free video streaming. From our prospectus it is better to spend 8 bucks for a quality, buffering-less streaming VPN than to throw 4 bucks in vain. Our team has compiled the list of fastest VPN providers to unblock Netflix USA, all three listed VPN provider offers dedicated speedy server for streaming purpose; and this is not it, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is capable to restrict your bandwidth and connection speed – with best Netflix VPN you can easily ditch their bandwidth barrier to enjoy seamless streaming.

ExpressVPN Speed Test on PPTP Protocol


IPVanish Speed Test with PPTP Protocol

IPVanish Speed Test

PureVPN Speed Test with PPTP Protocol

PureVPN Speed Test -

Netflix VPN Vs Netflix DNS

Netflix VPN Smart DNS for Netflix
A Virtual Private Network i.e. a Netflix VPN establishes a private connection between you and the server. It not only hides your original IP address but changes it with another which is not restricted in USA. Hence, you can stream your favorite shows and movies not available in your region with the best VPN for Netflix. It has an easy setup requirement. It encrypts all your data protecting you from eavesdroppers. The best Netflix VPN is capable of unblocking geo-restricted sites as well as DPI firewalls. It is comparatively expensive than the Smart DNS and due to heavy encryption, it slows down your system at some extent. As far as Netflix DNS is concerned, it takes a little long to setup. Or you can change the DNS of your device yourself. It simply re-routes your online traffic and immediately bypasses the geo-restrictive sites. It is most suitable for smart TVs. It provides no encryption at all which means that your online activities are not private and you can be tracked by cyber-criminals at any time. Even your ISP can monitor all your data traffic. Although it is cheaper than a VPN and even no speed issues were seen, but the best VPN for Netflix offers a lot more than a smart DNS.

How Can The Best Netflix VPN Benefit You?

Best Netflix VPN proves to be an all-rounder. It can work on every device; for instance, it may be a desktop computer, laptop, android, apple, blackberry or tablets. Get a VPN account from the list of Best VPN for Netflix and surf privately and anonymously without any difficulty. It ensures a full-time encryption which protects you from eavesdroppers. You just have to connect to your best Netflix VPN and then to the Netflix USA. Now, you can enjoy buffer-less videos and TV shows at ultra-fast speed at anytime from anywhere.

Using a best Netflix VPN has numerous benefits. It is the most trustworthy of all. Netflix VPN provides you high security plus, it is fantastically easy to use. So, don’t waste your time and get addicted to Netflix USA with your best VPN for Netflix and enjoy thrilling movies and programs!

Features of the Best Netflix VPN

The history of the VPNs listed above does not show any prominent questionable query. Best Netflix VPN enables the customers’ to unblock Netflix USA with the peace of mind. Best VPN for Netflix provides you:

  • Widespread servers

The best Netflix VPN provided above in the table has a widespread server connection in many locations around the globe. For instance, you don’t have Netflix in your country or you want to enjoy the full content library of Netflix USA, you have a wide range of servers to connect with. You don’t need to share your server with several users and thus your system’s speed will not be slowed as seen in most of other VPNs.

  • Ease of use

The best Netflix VPN has easy setup and configuration settings for almost all devices. It is compatible for windows, Mac, Android, Apple, Linux and more. It also provides manual configuration settings for many devices. You just have to install, sign up, connect to the best VPN for Netflix and unblock Netflix USA from anywhere in the world.

  • Rapid speed:

When watching Netflix, speed factor matters a lot… while using Netflix streaming online videos and shows, buffering will surely be a trouble. Best VPN for Netflix works on a rapid speed and provides you with buffer-less movies and programs.

  • Money back guarantee:

Most of the best VPN for Netflix do not offer a free trial; however the service is given for a few days money back guarantee. This means that anyone who is not happy with the service will get his money refunded within the specified time period.

  • Reasonable pricing plans:

The best Netflix VPN that are mentioned above have fairly attractive and affordable pricing plans for 1 month, 6 months and 12 months. Each one offers a full package of anonymity, security and privacy with a few differences among them.

  • Unlimited, Throttle-free bandwidth

Bandwidth throttling is a major problem while streaming a video-on-demand website such as Netflix USA. Using the best Netflix VPN you will not be a victim for such an issue. Best VPN for Netflix gives you unlimited bandwidth and prevents you from throttling by your ISP.

  • User-friendly logging policy:

Majority VPN providers have user-friendly privacy policies i.e. a privacy policy by which the customers are well-satisfied. Best VPN for Netflix offers a total zero-log policy which means they do not keep any log of your activities and your online traffic. While others log your activities for short time period, for example, US-based companies may keep your log and show it to third parties under applicable laws.

  • High security with strong encryption:

Unblocking Netflix outside USA through the best VPN for Netflix is an ultra-secure way due to strong and powerful encryption. Best Netflix VPN hides all your information providing the cyber-criminals and hackers nothing but encrypted data.

  • Stable connection, Premium quality

Stable connection is surely a blessing. If your Netflix VPN keeps on disconnecting, it is of no use! Just select a best Netflix VPN having a stable connection, high upload and download speeds and faster ping times and unblock Netflix USA.

Netflix VPN List

# Provider Price Link
1ExpressVPN $8.32/mo Visit Site
2PureVPN $2.08/mo Visit Site
3IPVanish $6.49/mo Visit Site


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